The farm lies in the outskirts of the picturesque little village Boerdonk (+/- 800 inhabitants) and lies on the connecting road to Keldonk (+/- 1200 inhabitants). This road is part of a network of cycling routes known in Dutch as: knooppunt fietsroutes. With the help of these 'knooppunten' you can explore the area by bike in all directions.

oerdonk has a variaty of activities that are organised in the village. The ones that stand out are the buffelo run and tractor pull.
Keldonk has shown the strenght of small communities with cornmill De Hoop. The entire village was involved in the realisation of the dream of restoring the mill to its former glory in 2018


Het Rauwven in de Hurkskese bossen

There are beautiful options for people who like to go for leasurely walks, e.g. a walk around the meadows of the farm or in the nearby forest 'Het Hurkske' which also has tracks for disabled visitors. Those with an interest in long(er) hikes are catered too with trails like the airbornepad market garden, the Peellandpad (LAW 701) or the Brabants Grensdijkjespad* with accesibility for disabled visitors.

* Consult the hosts about the possibilities of being picked up and dropped off at the starting or end point of your trail.


For short distances Erp, Beek en Donk, Veghel and Gemert are nice destinations. Each of these villages has its own charm an offers a wide variaty of interesting places worth visiting. A random selection of possibilities are the Ridderplein (Knights square) in Gemert with adjoining castle, the remarkable church spire in Erp, de Noordkade (industrial heritage) in Veghel and the animal park (not quite a zoo!) Regter Einde with an apiary in Beek en Donk.

Enthusiasts of daytrips and longdistance cycling tours have ample opportunity to choose routes through areas with natural beauty or via picturesque paths to various beautiful cities in the area. Randomly wandering through the countryside, possibly helped with the above mentioned 'fietsknooppunten' can also be done with the farm as start and end of your day.


Leekzicht: amongst other things a survival track above the cows; tour the farmer; toilet brush tossing.
Bavaria: Brewery tour.
Boerenbondsmuseum: The rural life in Brabant as it was a century ago.
Noordkade uitjes: amongst other things a number of different escape rooms.

The list above is only a small overview of local activities. Cees and Lies try to keep up with all the activities that are being offered in the area and will be able to inform you about it.