Fully equipped kitchen

Our kitchen is equipped with all necessary equipment and free to use for our guests.

Our coffee

enjoy a nice coffee

We have put a lot of thought into selecting the best coffee for our guests. In the end, as far as we are concerned, we have the tastiest cup of coffee waiting for you. Freshly brewed in our luxury coffee machine, in different variations (espresso, regular, cappuccino, etc.).

Tea to enjoy

Tea lovers can enjoy themselves. 6 specially selected loose teas are waiting for them. Whether one likes black or green tea, or prefers rooibos; our carefully assorted tea box offers something for everyone. And don't forget to try our seasonal teas.

Pick one and enjoy...

The room

The Meadow offers enough space to accommodate all guests. Our tables can be used flexibly, so that breakfast, meetings or training are among the possibilities, and comfortable chairs have not been forgotten.

Our sitting area is a nice corner to relax for a while and enjoy the green view, or play a game with one of the games waiting for guests in our sideboard.

Here, too, we have ensured good connectivity to the internet. There are 2 fixed LAN connections and, of course, wifi.

Look around: