Our old shed

We are Cees and Lies. As a former ‘city gal’ Lies still enjoys the peace and quiet and the wonderful spacious surroundings of the farm. Cees, prou

to be a farmer, loves to show people around on his beautiful farm. Around 2011 these elements led to dreaming about running our own B&B. Soon after the dream became more real and changed from castles in the air to actual sketches on paper. The application process was no smooth sailing and led to some delay along the way but never dampened our enthousiasm. So when the starting point was marked in October 2019 by tearing down the old shed we were overjoyed. In the mean time we have reached the point of working away some finishing touches whilst looking forward to you: our guests. We hope that the views and comfort we have tried to realise with you in mind will make you as happy with our B&B as we are.

Our B&B in the make. And yes, we managed to preserve the trees 🙂

Cees can be found out and about around the farm most of the day. Where he takes care of our Black Angus cows, the waterbuffelos and the young livestock he rears for a fellow farmer. All of them need feeding and clean places to rest and that work does not take care of itself. Besides if weather allows they get to go outside which means haying, sowing, mowing and pasturing. To top that all off he is looking forward to the liveliness that the B&B will bring .

Lies works as a student counselor at a university four days a week which mainly entails supporting adolescents in finding the strength they need to combine the struggles of every day life with the challenges of studying. In addition, she gives various trainings which she enjoys enormously. Being able to contribute to getting as much out of oneself as possible and (learning to) enjoy life gives her a lot of satisfaction. She counts on being able to contribute to a good time for our guests at our farm.