Now available: Vleesch-BBQ

BBQ fans among our guests could already make use of our Arteflame grill/BBQ. Now it is also possible to order a complete BBQ-package. A Vleesch-BBQ package that is, because the beef comes from our own Black Angus cattle (Vleesch van de weij). Working with our butcher, we can offer a complete BBQ meat package with baguettes, salads and various homemade sauces for groups of 4 or more.

We can also arrange a meat BBQ for 2 or 3 persons, however the salads, sauces and bread will be provided differently.

Reservation in advance (min. 4 days) is necessary because of the preparation time. Price: € 16,50 p.p.

Renting bicycles

We have entered into a partnership with Empella from Erp to rent bicycles to our guests. Both electric and normal bicycles can be rented at competitive rates for a short or longer period of time. If we know at least one week in advance, the bikes will be waiting for our guests when they arrive.